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Faux concrete, yes I think I shall.

I have had this feather finishing product mocking me in my garage for long enough. Today I decided to try my hand at this faux concrete craze that is taking over. I would really love to do the countertops in our home and at the farmhouse, so I thought I would start small and do this $5 credenza I found on Craigslist.


Here is the product I used, there are different feather finishes you can find online, but I prefer this one it’s $17 and you can buy locally at home depot



This is called Henry Feather Finish, it’s located in the tiling isle at Home Depot, I used a large bucket we had on hand and a spackling knife, some people call it a puddy knife,  you are going to follow the instructions on the box. It is 2 parts powder to 1 part water, I used a paint stir stick to stir mine, it will look like this.

It is the consistency of cake icing

Next  up I just  plopped (yes that is a very technical DIY term) some on the top of the credenza and started spreading as evenly as possible.. Here is my first coat. I did 3 coats of concrete and IMG_0772IMG_0770

I also sanded between each coat. I left it a alittle patchy because i really liked the look. I sealed the top with regular outdoor polyurethane one coat..

Here she is looking so pretty. please ask away if any questions.

IMG_0795 (2)


Here is complete supply list.

1. Websters chalk powder, I used to paint the frame, added powder to kendall charcol by Benjamin Moore..http://websterschalkpaintpowder.com/where-to-buy/

2. Rustoleum spray paint satin black for drawers thttp://http://www.homedepot.com/c/KH_BP_PA_Rust-Oleum_Paint_Brand?cm_mmc=SEM|THD|google|D24+Paint&mid=szlL2prFy|dc_mtid_8903alh25183_pcrid_45194162017_pkw_rustoleum%20spray%20paint_pmt_e_product_{product_id}&gclid=Cj0KEQjw2v2sBRCazKGu3tSFz64BEiQAKIE1hlzV2IvIpuPM7x0F3EQ2qNnfoARJGXL2fP6b3ogdyc0aAoFo8P8HAQ

3. I stained the doors with 3 different miniwax gel stains, Antique maple, maple and hickory .http://http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/stains/minwax-gel-stain

Lets just have a quick look where we started and how far we have come…

IMG_0764IMG_0795 (2)

Thank you for looking..


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