Pottery Barn DIY Hack

We have been working on a room switcharoo with my middle son (C) and my youngest son (B). I will reveal those rooms as soon as they are done!! So I have working on doing a gallery wall for each of my sons rooms. ( of course because I love them) This is the first time my youngest son has trusted me and actually allowed me to design, organize and decorate his room, so I am taking full advantage.

I found this http://www.pbteen.com/products/headphones-wall-art/?  but way too much money for me! So I decided to try my hand at making something similar, with my own special Angi twist on it.

pottery barn picture.
pottery barn picture.

First, I found a headphone printable. Here is the link to the esty shop, it was only $5 and I instantly downloaded. catalogId=49&cm_src=AutoRelhttp://https://www.etsy.com/listing/114993159/headphones-printable-digital-download?share_id=23551859&hmac=1067dcaffc8e780ee9d8622645b5cbf3b7a883cb&utm_source=Pinterest&utm_medium=PageTools&utm_campaign=Share

Second, I took a scrap piece of wood from garage. Yes I have wood just laying around waiting for me to do something awesome with it. I stained the piece, sanded the edges, then painted over the stain..

Third, I cut out the printable, and modpodged it to the piece of wood. Then I took chalk and practiced drawing the white lines on it, like in the original picture had just to see how and where I wanted the white outline. I erased the chalk and just used free hand on the white with the tiniest paint brush ever. I also did free hand on the black cord..

oh and I used a pop bottle tab on the back to hang the wooden plaque..


and one more…


and one more.IMG_0818

Hope you enjoy!!


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