Most recent project updates!!

I’m sorry I have been MIA for the past month, I have had alot of projects going on. I’m trying to figure out the Blog/post/doing projects all at the same time…

So I’m here today to do a little check in with what I have been upto.

  1. Healthier living

I have started doing Shakeology 3 weeks ago, and I feel fantastic. I’m not as lazy, I have energy all day long and its also a meal replacement, so I am also losing weight. I am starting 2mrw with a 6 week Game on challenge, it is about making healthier choices in life, and you compete against other teams. (anything competitive, I’m down). Here is the site if you wanna know more about it http://www.nodietsallowed.com/

2. Farmhouse Projects

I have made a mental list of projects to get done there, so once a week I am trying to get out there to get stuff done. The last 2 weeks I have installed a new sink, hung a light in bathroom, renewed a old dying ceiling fan and changed some brown outlets to white ones.. whew it has been awesomely busy. Here are some before and after pics.

This gold and bold beauty lights stopped working.
This gold and bold beauty lights stopped working.
With a little gel stain and some good ol fashion spray paint, this fan has a whole nother 10 years… yes I said nother
20150906_162957 (1)
clearly I just removed the nonworking light
This sink was about 107 years old and was stained and icky beyond repair, we had a new sink donated (thanks mom) and with alittle youtube and help from the local hardware store, we were able to do a new drain line and all..
Isn’t she so pretty.


20150906_154547 About 6 months ago I purchased this light for $19 at Lowe’s (its an outdoor light) so finally it had aged long enough, painted with a flat black and a rubbed oil bronze, Then BAM she is done and up and works… woot wooot

This week we are working on installing a range hood, all these projects are pretty new to me and I’m learning as I go…

Disclaimer sorry for poor pic quality, all done from the cellular device..


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